10 Ways to Brew Great Coffee at Home

Australians love to drink milk-based espressos, such as lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. In fact, 93% of coffee consumed outside the home is a milk-based espresso. However alternative brewing methods are starting to be seen more and more in cafes around Australia – both due to customer demand and due to roasters tailoring the blend and roasting style to non-espresso methods.

With so many different ways to brew great coffee, is it time to experiment with the coffee you are drinking? Perhaps you are keen to learn some new skills and taste some new flavours? From the ubiquitous French Press to the sexy Syphon, we’ve collated some useful instructions so you can tune up your coffee brewing skills, impress your mates and maybe be inspired to try something new.  You could go all out and train for the World Aeropress Competition!  There are even a few techniques that you may not have heard about (sock coffee anyone?).

1. Chemex

The Chemex is an elegant manual pour-over style glass brewer invented 75 years ago. Get a thorough lesson on how to use a Chemex by watching this video.


Chemex and paper filter

2. French Press

The French Press or cafetiere was first patented by an Italian! It’s a simple fuss free way of brewing coffee by steeping grounds in hot water. Here is a video that almost elevates the French Press to an artform (plus who doesn’t enjoy a bit of acoustic guitar in the intermission).

french press- kris atomic

French Press. Photograph by Kris Atomic.

3. Aeropress

It’s fun, it’s novel, it’s portable, it makes tasty coffee, and it was invented by the man who created the Aerobie Flying Disc. Check out the Aeropress.


4. Inverted Aeropress

Once you have mastered the Aeropress you can have a go at the Inverted Aeropress.

5. Hario V60

One of our current favourite ways to brew coffee at home – the Hario v60 Pour Over. Available in ceramic in traditional white or a range of colours, and as a metal version as shown below, the V60 is simple yet beautiful, and brews a delicate and delicious coffee. Learn more here.


Bonavita kettle, durable metal Hario V60, filter paper, stirrer, scales, a mug and ground coffee make a great outdoor brew.


6. Moka Pot

The popular moka pot or stovetop espresso maker. You’ve probably got one in your kitchen cupboard. If it is time to improve your technique then check out this video.


Moka Pot. Photograph by Eric Barbeau.


7. Turkish coffee

When in Turkey it’s not hard to enjoy Turkish coffee but with these instructions you can make your own at home.

8. Camping and coffee

There are ways of enjoying coffee when you are off the beaten track and travelling light. You can resort to straining the grounds through your teeth or you can try this method.

Ready to brew a great coffee around the campfire.

Ready to brew a great coffee at the campfire.

9. Sock coffee

This is a real thing. The coffee sock.

10. Syphon

It is sexy, complex, fragile and attractive. Enjoy the Syphon experience.

With so many different brew methods to choose from, you are sure to be able to find the right one for you in any situation. Get hold of the brewer of your choice and buy some coffee here. We’ll deliver the beans to you, and you can start brewing great coffee at home.

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