About Us

Here’s a bit of background about our little but mighty business.  In 2014 we fitted out a little roastery on the family farm – aka Singlefile Wines – in Denmark, on the South Coast of Western Australia. We started out supplying coffee to the customers of Singlefile Wines via their Cellar Door.


We were pleased to find our coffee loved by the locals and over the ensuing years we started to supply cafes further afield. The little roastery underwent expansion on the farm, and we now roast for passionate people in hospitality and home users across the country.

Our team of have a passion for coffee and quality. We are steadily sample roasting, cupping, production roasting, making incremental improvements and blending in order to create a product that respects the efforts of the farmers and producers, and the tastes of the consumer. We aim to source ethically and environmentally sound beans, and we use re-usable packaging as much as possible.

Our vision is that our business brings benefit to everyone along the supply chain and ends with a delicious coffee in your cup.