Singlefile’s bespoke coffee story

Stash Coffee’s story is intertwined with that of Singlefile Wines. The co-founders of both businesses are Phil and Viv Snowden, the owners of the Singlefile Wines property, who moved to Denmark and started producing excellent cool climate wines in 2008. Their son-in-law Patrick Corbett soon joined them by taking on the role of CEO and their younger daughter Pam Corbett stepped into the business as well. When the Snowden’s elder daughter Nina Bradshaw moved to Denmark with her family, the family branched out into creating a specialty coffee roasting business with Nina’s husband, Brad Bradshaw as the roaster.

Nina Bradshaw

Daughter of Singlefile’s Viv and Phil, Nina turned to artisan coffee roasting after her family moved to Denmark

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What is coffee cupping?

SCAA_FlavorWheel.01.18.15-212x300There are well over 800 aromatic compounds in coffee (while perhaps 200 aromatic compounds in wine in comparison) and it can be rewarding to take some time to experience a coffee cupping. Cupping is a method of evaluating coffee beans and roasts, and it is useful at every stage of coffee production,from the farm to the roastery to the café. Learning how to cup coffee will enrich your coffee drinking experiences and help you appreciate your coffee more.

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Pretty Things is our Silver Medal Winning Blend

Now available on our website, Pretty Things is one rockin’ blend. It scored a sweet silver medal in the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2017, in the milk-based espresso category. The AICA is the first and only international coffee roasting competition in Australia and received more than 800 entries. Brad our roaster says “Pretty Things is designed to taste best with milk. It is great as an espresso or with a filter brewing method.”


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