Singlefile’s bespoke coffee story

Stash Coffee’s story is intertwined with that of Singlefile Wines. The co-founders of both businesses are Phil and Viv Snowden, the owners of the Singlefile Wines property, who moved to Denmark and started producing excellent cool climate wines in 2008. Their son-in-law Patrick Corbett soon joined them by taking on the role of CEO and their younger daughter Pam Corbett stepped into the business as well. When the Snowden’s elder daughter Nina Bradshaw moved to Denmark with her family, the family branched out into creating a specialty coffee roasting business with Nina’s husband, Brad Bradshaw as the roaster.

Nina Bradshaw

Daughter of Singlefile’s Viv and Phil, Nina turned to artisan coffee roasting after her family moved to Denmark

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10 Ways to Brew Great Coffee at Home

Australians love to drink milk-based espressos, such as lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. In fact, 93% of coffee consumed outside the home is a milk-based espresso. However alternative brewing methods are starting to be seen more and more in cafes around Australia – both due to customer demand and due to roasters tailoring the blend and roasting style to non-espresso methods.

With so many different ways to brew great coffee, is it time to experiment with the coffee you are drinking? Perhaps you are keen to learn some new skills and taste some new flavours? From the ubiquitous French Press to the sexy Syphon, we’ve collated some useful instructions so you can tune up your coffee brewing skills, impress your mates and maybe be inspired to try something new.  You could go all out and train for the World Aeropress Competition!  There are even a few techniques that you may not have heard about (sock coffee anyone?).

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