Pretty Things is our Silver Medal Winning Blend

Now available on our website, Pretty Things is one rockin’ blend. It scored a sweet silver medal in the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2017, in the milk-based espresso category. The AICA is the first and only international coffee roasting competition in Australia and received more than 800 entries. Brad our roaster says “Pretty Things is designed to taste best with milk. It is great as an espresso or with a filter brewing method.”


Flavour notes

Blueberry jam and caramel up front. Notes of rose, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. Creamy body. Cacao aftertaste.


Brewing Guide

For espresso, we recommend coffee should be rested after roasting for at least 10 days to allow natural off-gassing of carbon dioxide leading to a more balanced result. For filter brew methods fresh is good as the carbon dioxide can escape during brewing.

Suggested espresso recipe:

  • extraction time 27-35 seconds – grind finer to make the extraction longer / grind coarser to make the extraction shorter
  • 20g ground coffee in
  • 35-39g espresso shot
  • brewing temperature 92-96C


Suggested filter recipe:

  • 24g of coffee per 400mL of brewing water
  • make sure the grounds are thoroughly wetted at the beginning of brewing, stirring briefly to release CO2 bloom
  • brewing time approximately 2 minutes 20 seconds for pourover and 3 – 5 minutes for French Press






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