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The Rhino Compact Hand Coffee Grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee at home or on-the-go. With a holding capacity of 21-23g, the Rhino Compact Hand Coffee Grinder is perfect for most brewing methods. The Compact also comes with an adaptor so you can grind straight into an AeroPressTM. It’s built with food safe stainless steel that’s durable enough for any journey. The grinder is only 17cm tall and can fit into any bag or backpack. The grinder is hand-powered, and can be used in remote locations without electricity.

The Rhinowares grinder features conical ceramic burrs to produce uniformly sized coffee grounds, which are essential for balanced brewing and flavourful coffee. Ceramic burrs remain sharp for years, do not rust, and are easily cleaned with a quick wipe.

The grind setting nut on the bottom of the grinder makes switching between grind sizes a quick and painless event. Grind coffee for turkish and all the way to french press without losing consistency and quality. The detachable grinder arm provides smooth grinding for speed and comfort.


– Compact size: body fits in an AeroPressTM
– Quality conical ceramic burrs for consistent grind
– Easily adjustable for a wide range of grind types
– Smooth grinding motion
– Includes a convenient and protective carry bag
– Superior particle size distribution

Helpful hints for adjusting the appropriate grind:

– For grind to suit an AeropressTM, tighten nut all the way, then ease off half a turn
– For French Press, ease off 1.5 turns
– For a v60, tighten the burrs all the way, and then go half a turn back.
– For a moka pot, which is somewhere between drip and espresso, adjust your grind to the finest level (adjust so that the burrs are touching) then open up a notch or two.


It’s best to pull the grinder apart and give it a clean every 4 weeks, or more often if you are using darker roasts. Just use warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove all residual coffee. Make sure to rinse with fresh water when finished and allow the parts to fully dry before reassembling.

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