Small sample roast, big decision maker

Sample roasting plays an enormous role in our coffee roastery. It is in theory quite simple: we roast a small sample of green coffee to decide whether or not to buy it in a larger amount. A tiny green coffee sample holds a lot of information for us: it determines the basic quality of a certain coffee and it’s flavour potential and in the end determines the origin of the coffee in our blends and single origins.

To broaden our range and to find new exciting coffee flavours from all around the world we request green coffee samples on a regular basis from our coffee importers. To roasting a smaller amount of coffee, we use a smaller roaster: our sample roaster. Generally our importers send different samples of 100 g green coffee for us to try.

The whole sample roasting process takes less time than a production roast and with this roast we want to determine the general flavour of the coffee beans. A tailored coffee roasting profile comes later, once we order a more of that coffee and roast it in our production roaster. After the roasted coffee samples have rested overnight, we prepare them the next day for a cupping session. During the cupping we find out which coffee we like, and if we are going to purchase it. 

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