The Perfect Espresso Martini

Here at Stash Coffee we love a good coffee and we especially love a good cocktail. With the festive season approaching and lots of entertaining to do, we were keen to understand how to make the perfect espresso martini.

So where did this much loved cocktail hail from? It was invented back in 1983 by Dick Bradsell during his tenure at the Soho Brasserie in London. Legend has it that a young, future supermodel sidled up the bar and asked for a cocktail that would “wake me up”. Dick mixed vodka, sugar, coffee liqueur and a shot of espresso – the rest is history!

Last week Nina and Brad invited the very talented Sam Jeffs @samjeffs1 (excellent mixologist with oodles of experience) to the home of Stash, to teach the team the art of getting this cocktail right. Sam arrived with his armoury of cocktail accoutrements, spirits and mixers and set about to set us straight on the espresso martini.

First, what you need. Its pretty simple – espresso shot (Sam recommends Heroes because of it’s sweetness), vodka, Kahlua, ice, three coffee beans, cocktail shaker and a strainer, as well lots of energy to give it a really good shake. What you are aiming for is the beautiful thick crema to float your coffee beans on.

Add your ice to your cocktail shaker, pour in 30mls espresso, 30mls vodka and 30mls Kahlua. Pop on the lid and vigorously shake, and then shake a bit more. Use a strainer on the top of your shaker and pour the creamy mixture into a Martini glass, it will slowly settle into layers. Decorate with the coffee beans – and voila there you have it. The perfect Stash espresso martini!

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